Network Achievement

Closing academic gaps and setting our Rocketeers up for success in middle school, high school, college and beyond means accelerating their learning.


We strive to deliver well over one year of growth for every year a student is with us. By accelerating learning, we can first narrow — and ultimately eliminate — the achievement gap between our students and their more affluent peers.


In the 2014-15 school year, Rocketeers nationally achieved

gap-closing growth.

Meeting Personalized Goals


All students have personal growth goals on the NWEA MAP. Teachers differentiate instruction to ensure all students, regardless of their level, reach their goals.

Exceeding National Norms


Our Rocketeers began the year below the national average on the NWEA MAP. Because of accelerated learning, by the spring they blasted beyond their peers nationally.

Rocketship Network

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Experience Launch!

Bay Area, CA

Mateo Sheedy Elementary, our first Rocketship school, opened in 2007 in downtown San Jose, a city with a widening achievement gap. Just two years later, the community banded together to form SJ2020, a coalition of city officials, school districts, charter networks, businesses and non-profit organizations working to eliminate the achievement gap in our community by 2020. While much work remains, San Jose is making major progress fueled by nine Rocketship schools, serving over 5,000 students in 2014-15.


Our families have also advocated for excellent charter middle school options, adding approximately 5,000 more seats. Together, we’re building a movement in San Jose to increase choice and quality. In fact, a 2015 report from Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes found that San Jose was one of two cities that provided positive gains for public charter school students in math and reading and met or exceeded state-wide average achievement across all socioeconomic groups.

Beating the Odds

A recent report by Innovate Public Schools recognized three Rocketship campuses — Mateo Sheedy, Brilliant Minds and Mosaic — for beating the odds for low-income students.

Rocketship Bay Area

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Aranza Rising

The inspiring story one Rocketship student and her tremendous growth as a Rocketeer.

Milwaukee is the most racially segregated city in the nation and has the second largest achievement gap. Over 40,000 students attend schools of choice in Milwaukee, but less than four of ten fourth graders read on grade level. Though the city is rife with choice, parents still clamor for high-quality, gap-closing education for their children.


Rocketeers from Southside Community Prep continue to attain exceptional growth, setting the tone for what excellent schools can achieve for underserved communities throughout Milwaukee.

“I’m proud to lead a Rocketship school in the city where I grew up. The kids in my community deserve a great place to learn.”

-Rodney Lynk Jr.

Principal, RSCP

Rocketship Milwaukee

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Milwaukee, WI

The staff from Southside Community Prep bring their favorite Dr. Seuss characters to life in celebration of the poet’s birthday. Oh, the places Southside Community Prep Rocketeers will go!

Nashville, TN

Nashville Northeast Elementary, our first school in the region, opened in July 2014. Through a close partnership with Metro Nashville Public Schools and the statewide Achievement School District, RNNE opened its doors to 442 first-time Rocketeers.


Our Nashville Rocketeers came to us with the deepest academic deficiencies of any school we have ever opened. Eight of ten students performed below the national norm on fall diagnostics, testing the strength of Rocketship’s personalized learning model and intervention program.


Through a combination of highly differentiated classroom instruction, targeted tutoring and strong partnerships with families, our Rocketeers achieved the second-highest growth in Nashville, far exceeding Tennessee’s growth standards.

Nashville Northeast Elementary has laid the foundation for future Rocketship schools throughout the region.

Rocketship Nashville

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